Ship specs


  • 215m (705 ft) length
  • 35m (115 ft) interior width
  • 143m (469 ft) wingspan
  • 30m (100 ft) height
CREW CAPACITY: 40 maximum personnel
  • 2 Plasma Turrets
  • Space mine deployment
  • EMP Cannon (experimental)
  • Kinetic shielding
  • Heavy armor plated hull
  • Anti-projectile targeting laser
  • Stealth Systems
  • 1 Orbital Drop Shuttle
  • 1 All-Terrain Vehicle
deck 1

Deck 1 is the uppermost level of the ship, and the command center. This includes:

  • COCKPIT, with 2 seats for pilot & co-pilot/navigator, set in front of an array of holoscreens in place of a glass windshield, that displays footage from cameras and sensors on the hull.
  • AIRLOCK, located at the neck for disembarking when docked.
  • BRIDGE (or Combat Information Center), with a holographic navigational map, ship intercom, defense monitoring and weapon systems control stations.
  • BRIEFING ROOM featuring a large holotable for use in crew meetings and conference calls.
  • DATA CENTER, where the communications officer conducts business, monitoring the security of incoming and outgoing transmissions, and compiling information for missions. It is attached to the SERVER ROOM, which houses the ship's systems and A.I.

deck 2

At the midlevel of the ship, Deck 2 contains the most rooms, and is considered the personnel and passenger area.

  • COMMONS, featuring an open layout LOUNGE and DINING AREA, attached to the GALLEY KITCHEN and pantry.
  • OBSERVATION DECKS, one on each side of the ship; the starboard room is slightly larger. These are also holoscreens that mimic large viewing windows on their default setting; can also be used for vid screenings on movie night.
  • PERSONAL QUARTERS line the sides of the ship; crew designated rooms contain two bunks, while several luxury suites were designed to accomodate either single or double occupants. These rooms have attached 2-piece washrooms with a sink and toilet. Everyone else shares two larger unisex bathrooms with shower stalls.
  • MEDICAL BAY, with state-of-the-art equipment, three beds, and an operating room. Medical supplies are kept in a locked storage closet. There is one unused cryo-stasis pod for extreme cases only.
  • CAPTAIN'S CABIN, set apart from the other residences, slightly larger than the rest of the crew quarters. Has a private restroom and doubles as an office.
  • ESCAPE PODS are located by each of the wings, beside the LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS and ARTIFICIAL GRAVITY UNIT. The top of the WARP CORE is visible from here.

deck 3

Deck 3 is the tallest level, made to hold cargo and vehicles and most of the mechanical inner workings of the ship.

  • HANGAR BAY, which currently holds one shuttle and an all terrain vehicle.
  • WORKSHOP and tool room. Maintenance bots, primarily used to conduct hull repairs and clean communal spaces, make their home there.
  • CARGO HOLD adjoins the shuttle bay for easy access offloading; large objects are often left in the hangar, though they are more secure in the hold.
  • BRIG, a room off the hold, locked behind bars and a kinetic barrier.
  • ARMORY, containing lockers for each crew member to store their gear and personal firearms, in addition to the full arsenal of weapons.
  • ENGINE ROOM, considered one level, but actually extends below the rest of the deck, accessible by a network of catwalks. The base of the WARP CORE is located close by, drawing power from the generators.


Eidolon is a decommissioned Republic Defense Service vessel, manufactured in 2503. At its inception, it was a top of the line scout frigate intended for stealth reconnaissance and combat support roles. Assessed to be more costly to upgrade than building a new starship to replace it, it was on its way to the scrapyard when it was purchased by a civilian in 2533. Under the pretense of converting her into a private commercial freighter, Eidolon was re-classed as a civilian cargo ship. The interior was gutted and overhauled, but many of its core assets were retained or upgraded to the latest available tech. It is still a formidable vessel in a skirmish, and can make a clean get away using advanced stealth capabilities and FTL drive.


CAPT. TUCKER ALDISS was born in 2475 on Babylon, son of a decorated RDS Admiral and her husband, a civil engineer, based in Eden. He was the middle of three children, with one older sister and one younger brother. Following in his mother's footsteps, Aldiss enrolled at the military academy when he was 18, and was commissioned by the Marine Corps following graduation. He served three active tours of duty before being honorably discharged at 47, after which he signed aboard several civilian crews. Some of his early jobs were in private corporate security, guarding material transport vessels, then a brief stint on a mining hauler, before dipping his toes into more lucrative grey-area opportunities.

By 2528, Aldiss was the X.O. on board the Queequeg, a salvage scrapper, though he was increasingly dissatisfied with the dead end position. He began saving up money to purchase his own vessel, one he could customize to his own preferences and hire a crew of his choosing, eventually finding the perfect ship in Eidolon. He hand-picked his crew from an assortment of skilled acquaintances, from various walks of life, made over his years of traveling the system end to end. Charismatic, bold, and decisive, Aldiss was a natural leader, able to galvanize those around him. Though he was regarded as a patriarchal figure among his crew, none of his biological children (and he had several, with different partners) could really claim he'd been much of a father to them, as he never married and never stayed around in one place long enough to be part of their lives.