The point of this GPSL is to write some cool shit set in future!space, develop interesting characters and exciting plots, and most importantly, have fun! So the main rule about code of conduct is to be respectful of other players. No godmodding, no crossing IC/OOC lines, and be willing to reach out and work together. It's a small group, so let's be good to each other and make this story last. You do not have to be a science buff to join, and some things can be handwaved away as "space magic", but try to be somewhat realistic to the setting. Any major character developments that may have an impact on the plot or the group as a whole should be run by the mod first.


Though elements of the setting might seem familiar to those who know the genre, this is an original character game, so please be creative with your concepts! A detailed bio is not required, but whatever information you provide should paint a clear picture of the character's background and identity. Played-bys should be within 5 years of your character's age. Once accepted, PBs can be changed as long as the mod is notified. All characters (and PBs) must be 18+ years of age. There is a character limit of 1 crew and 1 passenger role per player.

Usernames can be IC or OOC, but they should relate to your character somehow, preferably without underscores/numbers. All journals should have a backdated screened post for ooc contact; we do not require AIM or other messaging services, as most activity will be done through journals.

Acceptance is largely based on writing examples provided (these do not have to be ic). This will be a writing heavy GPSL, but we're looking for quality as much as quantity. Characterization is also important; because there are a limited number of spots, if we feel characters are too similar in concept, we may pick one over another when reviewing apps.


Because this is a small group and a plot heavy game, participation is vital to keeping this community alive. Be willing to contribute to group activities and interact with other players. The mod will regularly provide events to react to, but you should feel comfortable taking some initiative and coming up with ideas for activities, such as missions, mini-events, and plot development. The dropbox is always open for submissions, and this story is as driven by characters as it is by plot, so events can be added or adjusted to work with your plans. OOC votes may also be taken to decide where the plot will go next.

An update or thread participation is mandatory within the first 2 weeks after acceptance. Activity checks will be performed at the end of every month. The requirements are minimal: try to update, participate in a group scene, reply to a thread, or comment around at least once a month. Please don't flake or disappear! Real life always comes first, but if you need a hiatus or an extension, inform the mod and we will accommodate.

Removals (and adds, if positions open up) will coincide with docking at port, where a character will be written as departing from the ship, unless otherwise noted. If you are removed and wish to reapply, you must have an update in your journal when resubmitting an application. new characters will be considered recent hires, or new passengers, though you are still welcome to plot backstory with current members if it can work.


Group and event threads will be posted in the main comm. You may post public scene logs, open starters and threads in your own journal, or in the comm, but all entries should be friends-locked. You do not have to share all of your writing with the group, but we hope you will feel comfortable enough to post your work and leave open starters. Some characters may naturally gravitate towards others, but this is a small ship, so please be fair and try to be inclusive!

Missions involving the crew will be posted once or twice a month (depending on how long it takes to complete and the current pace of the game). Most missions will be assigned to characters, though some may take volunteers. Prior notice will be given a few days in advance to an event, so if you don't have the time to participate, notify the mod so others aren't held up.

In game, journals are part of an open social media network that is transmitted across the whole local system. Comments, customs and public entries operate as they do in the real world. However, communication between the crew or passengers can be considered encrypted and only available to those with access to their private onboard servers.

What's this all about?

~exoplanetary is a GPSL set about 500 years into the future, and takes place in outer space! We are here to tell the story of the ragtag crew aboard the spaceship Eidolon. This band of misfits and "guns for hire" take all kinds of odd jobs across the galaxy, from bounty hunting, to cargo hauling, to passenger escort, and beyond. As a neutral and independent enterprise, they work both sides of the law, contracted by the government and private groups alike.

where does this take place?

In a galaxy far, far away... Earth is no longer inhabited, just a place remembered only in the history books. Because we're set in a new system, players have the freedom to make up what they want about their environment and culture! Most game activity will take place on board the ship, though the crew and the passengers will be docking on planets or stations from time to time to conduct business, go on missions, or take shore leave.

what's the ship's history?

Eidolon is a former military stealth vessel, converted into a civilian cargo ship. It was made in 2503, and decommissioned in 2533, when it was purchased by the ship's current captain for overhaul. They are celebrating their 7th year together. Aside from the captain, players are allowed to come up with their own timeframe for joining the crew, though many have been there from the beginning.

what role do passengers play?

Unlike the crew, passenger characters have the freedom to come from any background, and pursue any personal goals—as long as they can pay the boarding fees to stay on the ship. They are not officially part of the crew and are not obligated to perform any duties, but some are recurring travelers, or long term residents who enjoy the ship's services and amenities. Depending on their skills or background, some may be invited to participate in jobs from time to time, and reduce their fees in exchange for work.

will more positions be opening up?

Given the restrictions of this setting and premise, we do not expect to increase our roles too far beyond a reasonable number, and we would like this to start as a fairly intimate community. However, depending on activity and continued interest, as well as plot developments, we may consider expanding our roster in the future, potentially including characters living outside of the Eidolon further down the line.

where are the aliens? show us the aliens!

As this is a human-centric game, there are currently no other extraterrestrial races available for play. However, that doesn't mean they don't exist! When we reached this galaxy, there were no signs of active, sentient lifeforms on any of the habitable planets. But they did leave traces of their civilizations behind, in ancient and half-buried ruins and wrecks found on some of the empty worlds. Alien artifacts are extremely valuable collectibles, and can go for a disgustingly high price on the black market. What really happened to them remains a mystery, but they may not be as absent as we think...

are we limited to the planets in the codex?

Not at all! The locations provided by the mod are just the major hubs of activity to serve as a jumping off point. More will be added over time as they are visited. Players are allowed to create their own planets and cities. Detailed information can be submitted to the mod journal to be added to the page.

what is the calendar like?

Although different planetary orbits and rotations affect the length of days and seasons on each world, and space-faring vessels don't follow a regular flight path, the Republic still follows a 24-hour standard based on Earth's old Universal Time, as well as a 12 month calendar. Gameplay will generally occur in real time, unless an event requires a delay. The present year is 2540 AD, which happens to follow the same calendar as 2016.

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