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WARWIC STRAND director, alliance academy neuro advancement

54 - telepathy & telekinesis
A well-respected instructor at the Academy, Strand was appointed Director of the school in 2651. While he comes off as soft-spoken and scholarly, he is a highly trained and decorated veteran of the ADF Neurogenic Special Ops Unit, working alongside the AIA. However, his loyalty is to his students and their well-being above political agenda or personal ambition. He was a mentor to Raena Tenau, to whom he formed a close bond, and other students.
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SEYMOUR HARCOURT retired instructor

75 — telekinesis/emotion manipulation
Recently retired, Harcourt was an institution at the Academy since becoming an instructor in his early thirties. He specialized in history and tactical warfare, and was always the quickest to issue detentions. Known to be an extremely harsh judge of character, he enjoyed throwing his tenured weight around and had little to no tolerance for students he felt didn't deserve to attend the Academy. Harcourt is a strong believer in rules and regulations, favored obedient students and believed his actions to be harsh but fair.
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BARBARA DEVLIN mathematics instructor

46 — telekinetic barriers
Devlin has been a mathematics instructor at the Academy for the past two decades, bringing class to the classroom. Patient and even-tempered, Devlin is rational, but forgiving and cares about giving students a well-rounded education instead of just focusing on their neurogenics (though this may be because she's never particularly relied on her own ability). However, having recently gone through a difficult divorce, she might be seen indulging in the open bar more than usual.
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BAXTER GROMS instructor

45 — precognitive vision
Groms is one of the stranger faculty staff at the Academy. He possesses extremely powerful precognition and is often tormented by apparent visions of the future. Unfortunately, he's terrible at relaying these in any sensible manner, and so his 'visions' merely sound like gibberish and the strange ramblings of a peculiar man.
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BEATRICE "BEE" PERKINS volunteer/disciple of enyo

38 — empathy
Hailing from modest beginnings on a Mahoroban farm, Beatrice is a kind-hearted, bright and bubbly, salt of the earth type. Bee has always been a go-getter and people person, hence why she went into social work and runs a nonprofit charity for disaster relief and humanitarian aid. While she seems innocent, Bee is actually a Disciple of Enyo, and helped instigate an attack on the Academy during their recent Alumni Weekend.
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DORIAN SAMICK trust fund asshole

37 — memory manipulation/illusions
For the majority of his time at the Academy, Dorian never had to try. A typical bully, he picked on anyone smaller or weaker than him, and was often seen with a posse of equally rich meathead friends. He was seemingly untouchable, born into an extremely wealthy and influential family that made donations to the school to fix his poor grades. This continued until an anonymous extranet message revealed the scheme, causing scandal for the Director at the time, and humiliating Dorian. Despite all of that, he didn't seem to learn his lesson - he's still a cocky, rude asshole, whose family made sure he never lacked in successes.
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RIN GETHERI philanthropist

36 — telepathy
Rin was the type that - while friendly and easygoing with almost everyone - kept to social circles exclusively for the children of the rich. The most memorable thing he did in school was to attempt to smuggle his father's cigarettes onto campus to sell, and the rumour mill put him and Vash Keler together in storage closets on more than one occasion. Now, Rin has put his looks and affable charm to good use, working as a philanthropist and founder of COS - a company dedicated to the welfare of children suffering from incurable diseases.
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JENETTE OCHOA adf marines, major

34 — telekinesis
Coming from a family of neurogenics, Jenette was one of several siblings who attended the Academy and tried her best to stand out. Ambitious and competitive, Jenette graduated in the top percent of her class and was immediately recruited into the ADF Marines. Major Ochoa is a decorated veteran of the Expansion War with a take-no-shit attitude, who always gets the job done.
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ARUN SHARMA ceo of helix

30 — mental shielding/psychometry
The perfect example of revenge of the nerds, Arun was a stereotypical geek and victim of bullying (by Dorian Samick most of all) throughout his years at the Academy, but is coming back a success story. Now the CEO of his own app development company, Arun is living his best life on Scheria, though he’s still as awkward as he was years ago and has a bad habit of putting his foot in his mouth.
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RUDO DAMARIS engineering assistant on the dauntless

23 — technopathy
Nervy and terrified by almost everything, Rudo currently works as an engineering assistant on the Thedes-Korso flagship, the Dauntless. He's shy and stutters when frightened, but is very sweet and kind, and an absolute whiz kid with any piece of tech.
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