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terminus station

naoko winlock governor of terminus station

heiress of the winlock family, naoko took over station operations in 2645. popular and in touch with the citizens, and a firm defender of the port's neutrality. a courteous, but shrewd businesswoman, she gives no quarter when it comes to maintaining order on terminus. married with two children. tamlyn tomita. request mod permission for use.
augusto ochoa head of terminus security

born and raised on the station, ochoa spent his life working his way up to command, appointed by the governor in 2648. while fairly cynical and sometimes flexible about the rules, his love for terminus means he'll do whatever it takes to keep it safe - unless it runs counter to the governor's orders. demian bichir. request mod permission for use.
cosmo jensen business owner, cosmo's cafe

Cosmo is a cherished public figure on Terminus. The Jensens were one of the first inhabitants of Terminus and their legacy lives on today. Cosmo's Cafe continues to be a favorite destination for traveling tourists as well as young locals. His success has lead him to pursue philanthropic work. Aside from the diner he also runs a shelter for transient youth. His kind and gentle demeanor, paired with his cooking, can win over even the most hardened criminal. billy dee williams. open for use.
ike starr business owner / arms dealer, terminus

At first glance, Ike appears to simply be the eccentric owner of the wholesome robot pet store All Torque in family-friendly Winlock Park. In reality, he is an illegal arms dealer with a second shop (Bot Out Of Hell) found through the back door, and he stocks a wide variety of weaponry ranging from hamster robot grenades to the newest cybernetic enhancements. jason mantzoukas. request mod permission for use.
yan "the man" "landlord" / loan shark

Yan is the big boss of a small-time crime organisation, the headquarters of which can be found in a relatively empty building in Winlock Park. Most of his crew are young men, either human or Finusian, and he makes most of his money by renting buildings then hiking up the price unfairly. But as far as criminals go, Yan is sweet, easily excitable, and a pretty massive fan of two of Terminus' own. anthony carrigan. request ~aced & ~sabred for use.
viera "machete" volsh criminal broker / businesswoman

Viera Volsh is a pint-sized powerhouse Lowtown crime boss, who has her perfectly manicured fingers in multiple pies. She may be tiny and high-pitched, but she's ruthless, smart, and easily offended. Too bad her goons are all idiots. She also loves her menagerie collection of robodogs. kristin chenoweth. request ~aced for use.
jeff the ghol ship racer, businessman

legendary space racer, jeff the ghol is a popular figure on the intergalactic circuit, beloved in part because of his oddball quirks and habits. apart from earning sponsorships, he has a lucrative side gig as a programming director and talent recruiter for the ghol entertainment network. danny devito. request mod permission for use.
muuk thespian, former wayfarer employee

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jasper rackham sect leader, Healers of Genesis

jasper was sent to terminus by the leader of the Healers of Genesis, an anti-transhumanist group located in eden, babylon. he truly believes that humans should not be modifying themselves and fears that artificial intelligence will eventually replace humans and humanity. he is very charismatic and empathetic, making him very effective and dangerous in spreading his ideals to not only all species on terminus but to those he is against. he is currently based in gasworks under the guise of a counselor/therapist for all residents. greg bryk. request ~jugular for use.

interplanetary alliance & defense force

WARWIC STRAND director, alliance academy neuro advancement

a well-respected instructor, strand was appointed director of the training program in 2651. while he comes off as soft-spoken and scholarly, he is a highly trained and decorated veteran of the adf neurogenic spec ops unit. however, his loyalty is to his students and their well-being above political agenda or personal ambition.
jeffrey wright. request mod permission for use.
roya veisi adf admiral & endeavor commander

roya is a highly respected and decorated alliance commander and war hero. she negotiated a stand down with the glf during the expansion war, and was directly involved in first contact with the aliens arriving through the gateway. she built her reputation protecting small outposts and settlements from space pirates. after a diplomatic turn for the adf, admiral veisi now commands the exploratory vessel the endeavor. shohreh aghdashloo. request mod permission for use.
wyatt carrick alliance senator, babylon

Wyatt has been a senator on Eden since 2648 and doesn't plan on going anywhere any time soon. He's a personable presence, especially on Eden, where he often mingles with his constituents and finds out what the people want from him. He's quirky, eccentric, but he always gets the job done. He also knows his way around a gun and advocates for responsible ownership. marc maron. request ~artillery for use.
digby yates babylonian senator

digby is the boy wonder of babylonian politics. a representative of the berea region, digby is progressive, hip, personable, and popular - he's everything you could want in a politician! he took the political world by storm seemingly out of nowhere in 2656, and is now beginning his campaign to graduate to the interplanetary alliance senate. digby's slogans are yay for yates! and i'm digging digby! ken marino. request mod permission for use.
BAXTER GROMS instructor, alliance academy neuro advancement

Groms is one of the stranger faculty members at the Neuro Academy. He possesses extremely powerful precognitive abilities, and is often tormented by vivid visions of potential futures. Unfortunately, he's terrible at relaying these messages in any sensible manner, and so his 'visions' often sound like complete gibberish, despite their remarkable accuracy (in hindsight).
rhys darby. request mod permission for use.

galactic liberation front

marian terrell co-leader, galactic liberation front

the face of the glf, terrell believes in peaceful resistance, sit-ins, talking with their oppressors, changing the government from within through grassroots activism - though she isn't opposed to underhanded tactics and political subversion by less than legal means. as long as nothing can be tied back to her campaign to legitimize their movement. angela bassett. request mod permission for use.
anton estheri co-leader, galactic liberation front

nibiru native and veteran, estheri bristles at the idea of idly sitting around when people are being silenced and killed by negligence and active discrimination, and no one is doing a damn thing about it. he views taking militant, violent action against the ipa as the only way to make their demands heard, propagating the perception of the glf as terrorists. ed harris. request mod permission for use.
Sven Martell glf, operative

Sven Martell hails from Babylon and acts as the liaison between Terrell and Estheri. His responsibilities lie with representing them both to outside influence and making sure tasks get carried out by most means necessary. He’s been known to play his cards less than admirably, occasionally manipulating situations to pit the two leaders against each other. While his loyalties lie with GLF, it’s no secret that Martell often has his own agenda. aidan gillen. request ~propermotion for use.

private corporations

immanuel thedes cto of thedes-korso

thedes is a name associated with genius innovation. co-founder of thedes-korso, a technology developer and supply manufacturer, he is the chief engineer and creative brains behind the company. becoming increasingly eccentric and obsessed with work, thedes hasn't made a public appearance in a decade, instead sheltering himself in his lab on scheria - at least, that's the line his publicists give. he denies any knowledge of his business partner's extracurriculars. jeff goldblum. request mod permission for use.
NIKOLAYEV KORSO ceo of thedes-korso and criminal kingpin

korso appears to be an upstanding citizen of babylon. he is the co-founder and ceo of thedes-korso, a technology developer and supply manufacturer. but with his trillions he is also the head of a huge underworld criminal network that operates out of both antillia and nibiru. he is charming in public but in reality is a sociopath with ambitions of controlling every inch of the galaxy. He has no children, due to fear of creating his own rival. christoph waltz. request mod permission for use.
victoria tseng board of directors, thedes-korso

Matriarch of the Tsengs, a family with a long history tied to the foundations of Babylon, VICTORIA GREW UP IN THE CORPORATE WORLD. With multiple degrees in economics, she SERVED AS AN EXECUTIVE OF SEVERAL major tech and development COMPANIES, and was appointed to tHE BOARD OF DIRECTORS of THEDES-KORSO in 2646. She believes in the Alliance and keeping the company on track and maintaining its clean image, despite negative rumors swirling about its founders. michelle yeoh. request mod permission for use.
wesley mccree Chief Security Officer, Thedes-Korso

Wesley McCree is the nephew of Nikolayev Korso and some might say that he has his current position through some sort of nepotism. While that might be true, Wesley has always been more cunning than he's let on. A former assassin, Wesley knows how to play the game to get on someone's good side. He's recently turned a corner and has given up his more murderous ways in favor of simple chaos. jimmi simpson. request ~knavish for use.
alister thall engineering director, thedes-korso

virtually unknown to the greater galaxy and without his own critical acclaim - yet - alister leads a top secret new tech development team within thedes-korso. he's sharp of mind and wit and is affectionately called 'grandpa' by his subordinates. following in the footsteps of the legendary immanuel thedes, alister believes that he's on the cusp of something truly great. jeff bridges. request ~pin for use.
RUDO DAMARIS engineering assistant, thedes-korso

Nervy and terrified by almost everything, Rudo is a graduate of the alliance neurogenic academy, and currently works as an engineering assistant on the Thedes-Korso flagship, the Dauntless. He's shy and stutters when frightened, but is very sweet and kind, and an absolute whiz kid with any piece of tech.
justice smith. request mod permission for use.
THE BENEFACTOR benefactor, marlowe

tybalt vanderbilt ceo of mechatech

Tybalt is the charming face and creator of the huge weapons development conglomerate MechaTech. His is old money, the Vanderbilts having been decorated Alliance participants for generations. Publicly, MechaTech supplies weapons directly to the Alliance - but under the table they'll sell to anyone with enough credits, including the GLF. Tybalt is not above playing both sides against the other for a bigger payday. george clooney. request mod permission for use.
vaughn fincher entrepreneur, landlord

Owner of the Wayfarer and various other ships, fincher is a man of mystery - no one knows what he actually does for a living, but he's known to be very rich (and pays well), owns a ton of real estate on babylon and antillia, and is very well-connected. if he likes you and you need something, he can get it done. kevin kline. request mod permission for use.
DORIAN SAMICK executive manager, samick industries

a seemingly untouchable neurogenic bully, Dorian was born into privilege, his family buying his good grades at the Academy. This continued until an anonymous extranet message revealed the scheme, humiliating Dorian. Despite all of that, he didn't seem to learn his lesson - he's still a cocky, rude asshole, whose family made sure he never lacked in successes. he's the heir to samick industries, a pharmaceutical conglomerate.
chad michael murray. request mod permission for use.
Damien Tullos CEO of Tullos Enterprises

Born and raised on Babylon, Damien is the latest in a long-line of Tullos men to helm the company of Tullos Enterprises, a ship technology company that literally blasted onto the scene more than 200 years ago. Since then, they have continued to push the boundaries of warp drive capabilities as well as other systems. Damien himself is a consummate businessman, known for being able to make a deal when it seemed almost impossible. He can all at once be charming and charismatic, as well as imposing and intimidating. With his advancing age, it was widely assumed that control of his company would pass to one of his three children, but the announcement of a fourth, previously unknown, child seems to have thrown the line of succession into disarray. anthony hopkins. request ~hinte for use.
Lucas Hinte COO of Tullos Enterprises

Formerly the captain of the bounty hunter ship, Traveler, Hinte has recently relocated to Babylon with his wife, Leo, to take up the mantle of COO of Tullos Enterprises, the ship technology company run by his 'father', Damien. Intent on using his position to help those the system seems to forget, Hinte has already begun to implement changes to the company's operation. All while still moonlighting as a cybernetic technician. colin o'donoghue. request ~hinte for use.

criminal underworld

white-haired woman hitwoman / assassin

A mysterious and hard to trace figure, the white-haired woman has no consistent identity. She has been sighted rarely at the scenes of serious - sometimes intergalactic - crimes, often wearing her signature tailored suits. A figure that stays mostly behind the curtains, and unbeknownst to most, her occupation is that of a poison connoisseur and assassin. emma thompson. request ~aced & ~sabred for use.
THE OILY MAN mad scientist

The oily man was behind some seriously gruesome murders on Terminus in October 2655. He isn't a neurogenic himself but he's obsessed with them, and has an insatiable desire to cut them open in order to replicate their abilities and to potentially implant them in himself. He is the only known successful developer of a Neurogenic disabling device - an object that can neutralise their abilities. After his arrest, his device fell into the hands of Thedes-Korso, who are struggling to replicate it. crispin glover. request mods for use.
jonn tavik information broker

Jonn is a well-known information broker from Nibiru. He works from the Belos criminal underworld and can get you anything you need - for a price. Jonn prides himself on being formidable and intimidating, but can't seem to help but look after what orphans Belos seems to throw at him. He's almost always got a few children following him around, and while he frowns and grumbles about it, he would happily shoot anyone to protect them. Jonn has generations worth of orphans that often visit him, particularly a group (self-named the Wolfpack) from around thirty years ago that hold a special place in his heart. nick offerman. request ~aced for use.


mora xalin aev'ik diplomat of auhiri

sent through the gateway a month after its opening, mora's powerful empathy made her the perfect ambassador to humanity, as she knows how to read every room. soft-spoken but enthusiastic, mora has established a strong rapport between her people and the alliance - at least on the surface. rumor has it that the diplomat is secretly courting the glf, though she may be playing both sides. laura dern. request mod permission for use.
beatrice perkins disciple of enyo

Hailing from modest beginnings on a Mahoroban farm, Beatrice appeared to be a kind-hearted, bright and bubbly type, and ran a nonprofit charity for disaster relief and humanitarian aid after graduating from the Academy for Neuros. One of the planners of the Alumni Weekend in March 2656, she was exposed as a Disciple of Enyo and orchestrator of a plot to ruin the school and kill the director. Though a powerful empath, she also relies on another tool at her disposal: robotic, weaponized bees. ellie kemper. request mod permission for use.
dania rato disciple of enyo, ex-senator

Dania is the picture perfect politician. She's kind, charming, intelligent, and her voters adore her. Unfortunately, she's also a grade A bitch who will stop at nothing to get what she wants - and that includes murder. Rumor has it that she changes her roster of handsome, younger personal bodyguards quite frequently. In 2658, her political corruption was exposed and she was forced to resign, retreating to the shadows among the disciples. michelle pfeiffer. request ~aced & ~sabred for use.
b.l. athers big nerd (professor, u of arcadia)

bartholomew ludovic (bart, or b.l.) athers is a celebrated professor at the university of arcadia, who also often teaches at the alliance academy for neurogenic advancement. he's an ichthyologist, paleontologist and entomologist. he's big on bugs. sam neill. request ~aced for use.
ellen myshn'x xenobotanist (u of arcadia)

A forward-thinking xenobotanist who dedicated her life to the development of plant-life in new untested environments. Her odd methods have brought the curiosity and ire of her peers, but no one can argue that she doesn’t get results. Based at the University of Arcadia, Myshn'x is a strong voice pushing for research and study of alien plant-life for real-life applications. ARRESTED August 2657. lily tomlin. request mod permission for use.
cornelius tran robotics/a.i. engineer

formerly a leading pioneer in the robotics and a.i. programming industry, dr. tran has worked for major tech corps throughout his illustrious career, including thedes-korso, and frequently taught and lectured at universities. until ten years ago, with his daughter's passing. somehow the adf caught wind of his illegal experimentation in 2654, forcing him to go on the run and entrusting his greatest project to the wayfarer's crew. his whereabouts are unknown. François Chau. request ~automati for use.
sergio vanta bounty hunter

vanta is an alliance licensed and very seasoned bounty hunter who specializes in collecting rogue artificial intelligences. a graduate of p.i.t., vanta sought a career in handling volatile tech after serving in the adf in the corps of engineers. giancarlo esposito. request ~automati for use.
cass & lilian cartwright Owners of Thrasher Farms

The recently retired first mate and captain of the Wayfarer, Cass and Lilian stepped down from the ship in December 2657. Both worked on the ship for many years, getting to know the crew very well. After welcoming their first daughter in 2656, the pair left the ship to take over Thrasher Farms just outside of Arcadia, Mahoroba. They're still close with many on the ship, and will open their doors to friends of the crew in times of need. john krasinski & emily blunt. request mods for use.
anya lockhart Diplomat/Socialite

A fixture of Penglai's elite social circles and the daughter of Grey Lockhart, Anya has worn many hats in her life though she's most known for her political and charitable efforts. Not without a little scandal, she's been the topic of media headlines for most of her life. Of course, she's known quite fondly for her extravagant parties and particularly friendly disposition. stefani germanotta. request mods for use.


BEAUREGARD "BEAR" THEWES former philanthropist and aristocrat

A charming aristocratic son of an agricultural magnate, Beauregard grew up between the family's vast plantation on Mahoroba and their mile-high penthouse on Babylon. He heads multiple organizations dedicated to helping the marginalized and down-trodden, while remaining a resolute bachelor too dedicated to his work to settle down. died in december 2655. justin hartley. request mod permission for use.
VIVIETTE LUITGARDE infiltrator, command level, aia

during the war, viviette was the commander of the AIS 24th Special Tactics Squadron, otherwise known as The Ferals to those they tortured, murdered and kidnapped. Now that the war is over, they were disbanded and she rejected the recommended retirement. she continues her work as an infiltrator where she loves pursuing traitors to the Alliance and bringing what she deems as justice to the galaxy. died in december 2657. sigourney weaver. request mod permission for use.
dalton dewitt Businessman & black market trader

Located on Antillia, Dalton is a trust fund child and businessman who deals with black market trading and obtaining of antiquities. Dalton is mostly interested in building up his own personal hoard - he's a collector of rarities first and foremost and doesn't like to share or to lose. Unassuming and non-threatening until angered. Presumed dead in June 2658. rafe spall. request ~aced for use.