DO be respectful to each other
DO reach out to other writers
do try to be active on the FP
DO NOT cross the IC/OOC line
DO NOT Godmod
do not bully or harass
do have fun!
If you're looking for a friendly, active, and writing-heavy community set in space, we're looking for you! All we ask is that you contribute, keep your f-list up to date, and be courteous. Presumably we're all adults here and know how to act and communicate in a mature and reasonable manner. However, if you have an issue with another player that cannot be politely or amicably resolved, let the mods know.

As this is a collaborative, plot driven community, participation and communication is vital to keeping things going. Creating subplots and developing your character is strongly encouraged, but any major plots that could have a greater impact on other characters or the universe should be run by the mods first so everything can run smoothly.



username relevant to character (ic or ooc, no underscores, extra characters or numbers)
clean journal (no old entries visible)
IC contact (backdated entry)
OOC contact (backdated entry, comments screened; this must be public)
Character info Any format, as long as it includes: name, age, occupation, and some history - this does not have to be a full bio, but we want to get a sense of your character idea. If your character has special abilities, they must be defined with limitations. If you intend to make any significant changes to your bio after you've been accepted, you must contact the mods first.
Examples (requirements listed HERE)
Played-bys should fall within the 5+/- year rule of being in the same range as the character, and must be over 18 and alive. We do not allow whitewashing or using white PBs for POC characters.

character limit is 5 per player. You must be active (posting on the FP, writing scenes, etc) with your first or current characters before adding more. You can apply with up to 2 characters to start, but we may ask you to wait for a few weeks between applying for additional characters if we feel you haven't established your most recent addition.

Avoid overlap in roles (ex: 1 character per ship, or occupation) and abilities/species (i.e. only 1 neurogenic, 1 of the same alien race, etc. per writer). You must disclose if you are applying for or playing multiple characters so we can keep track of limits. Failure to disclose other roles is grounds for removal.

We will reject any applications we don't feel will fit into the community. We are not obligated to explain reasons for rejection.


intros must be posted within within 3 days of acceptance, or we will assume you are inactive. This can be anything - social media post, narrative, scene, or tag to an existing thread. This will count as your monthly activity. if your intro activity is an interactive post but you do not respond to comments on it within the 3 days of acceptance, this will not count and you will be removed.

monthly activity is one update per month. You must be able to show you've written a scene, narrative, or have been active on the FP and submit a link of proof to our ACTIVITY tracker.

MID-MONTH CHECK-IN will be posted every 2nd or 3rd week of the month, usually around the update cycle closest to the 15th. You will have several days to leave a comment on the check-in; anyone who fails to do so will be removed.
REMOVALS are conducted twice a month (middle and end). Since we are a plot heavy comm, events tend to move at a relatively fast pace, so please bear this in mind if you wish to join a ship. Involvement in plot is voluntary, but if you volunteer, you must be available to actively participate in moving things along!

HIATUS requests will be granted if you know you will be unavailable for a period over 2 weeks. Real life always comes first, so we completely understand if you need a break - please just try to let us know!

Extensions on updates can also be requested; you will have until the next midmonth removals to submit activity for the previous month. However, we ask that you do not abuse this, and we will not give full update extensions 2 months in a row.


JOURNALS are used as a form of social media on a galaxy-wide communication network (the Extranet). Narratives, updates, and random entries should be posted in your journal. Needless to say, media & pop culture will be different 500+ years in the future, so feel free to get creative! We have several social media templates available to members.

Customs are called commlinks, which are private messages that can be encrypted (filtered) to other users on the network.

THREADS/SCENES should be posted in our main comm, ~SPACEPORTS, where mods will post plot announcements and group threads. Though it's not required, we strongly encourage posting open scenes to foster an interactive environment. We are a writing-heavy comm; if you are only interested in ooc plotting or feel uncomfortable interacting outside of customs, this may not be the comm for you! Anything extremely graphic or NSFW must be placed under a cut with appropriate trigger warnings, and graphic adult scenes should be kept to filtered entries.
EVENTS/PLOTS will be introduced by the mods on a regular basis. These include station-wide events that will affect everyone (massive electrical failures, viral outbreaks, pirate raids, etc.), as well as ship specific missions. Mini-events and prompts may also be announced via our in game newsfeed feature. Participation in non-plot activities is voluntary and optional, but the game-wide events cannot be ignored.

ship mission plots generally happen once a month, and almost always involve a group thread or interactive component. Mission dates will announced in advance, but we advise joining a crew only if you can be available to participate in group activities.

CREATING YOUR OWN SHIP requires you to be responsible for generating your own activities and events for your crew - the mods will approve ideas and help organize plots, but they will not do all the work.

The plot dropbox for members is always open for submissions, so events can be added or adjusted to work with your ideas and goals!