What is exosolar about? When and where does it take place?

EXOSOLAR is a futuristic sci-fi comm taking place in the year 2657 AD, over 500 years after humanity left Earth and the Solar system to explore galaxies beyond. Earth is no longer inhabited, a place remembered only in history books, though humans did their best to recreate their civilization on new worlds. Settling in the Penglai System, most of the planets and colonies in this star system are under the governance of the Interplanetary Alliance, or IPA, though some groups continue to resist their rule.

Ten years earlier, a mysterious alien gateway was activated near the edge of the system, sparking the EXPANSION WAR between the Alliance and the rebels known as the Galactic Liberation Front. Both factions vied for control over travel through the alien transit, as the GLF wanted to explore and colonize without the yoke of the corporate-owned Alliance hanging around their necks. Though the scales tipped heavily in the ADF's well-armed favor, the GLF used guerilla warfare tactics to deal significant blows to the establishment. However, an armistice was drawn upon the arrival of foreign sentient species through the Gateway, uniting humanity under one banner. Now that the aliens have proven to be largely peaceful allies, the tentative period of peace may be shattered yet again. A more substantial timeline can be found HERE.

TERMINUS STATION serves as the main hub for activity, plot and interaction in this community, but your adventures can branch out to other locations within the Penglai system, and beyond the Gateway.

What kinds of characters can I play? Can I play non-humans?

Since Terminus is the focal point of our community, you may play a resident living or working on the station, crew members of vessels that regularly dock there, or simply a traveler passing through—as long as they have a connection to Terminus Station, they're welcome. Characters can come from all walks of life, have various occupations, backgrounds, educations, etc., but please take advantage of the setting when you're creating them, and don't be afraid to get a little weird! If you're interested in getting involved in plot-heavy activities and events, we have several established spaceships with open crew positions.

Aliens are playable in this universe; they are all relative newcomers to Terminus, but have begun to integrate into human society over the last six years. The only natural born alien-human hybrids that exist are children at this point in time. While no indigenous sentient species were found when humanity settled the star system, we were not alone in the galaxy forever. In 2649, humanity received several friendly visitors from other systems and soon developed peaceful alliances with their new neighbors. If you would like to create an original race, please contact our dropbox with your ideas! Androids are also allowed, though their existence is highly policed by the government. However, we would like to maintain a normal human majority, and are limiting the number of playable aliens, androids, and humans with special abilities.

Aside from the living races, many of the colonized worlds settled by humanity are covered in ancient and half-buried ruins and wrecks, thought to be left behind by the original creators of the Gateway. Alien artifacts are extremely valuable collectibles, and can go for a disgustingly high price on the black market. The frozen planet of Verglas contains the highest amount of these remnants. More will be revealed in time...

How familiar do I need to be with sci-fi to join?

Because this is an original setting with original characters, you do not need to be an expert on the genre or any particular fandoms, and you do not have to be a science buff to join. We're going for more "soft" sci-fi rather than adhering strictly to science. If you're interested in getting more technical, we've compiled a list of useful resources here! For reference on our setting/tone, some of our influences include popular sci-fi media such as Star Trek, Firefly, The Expanse, Battlestar Galactica, Alien, Star Wars and Mass Effect.

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