the gateway

During the first exploratory mission of the system, several asteroids were discovered in orbit around MALM-349g, the 7th planet from the sun. Laying dormant for centuries while humanity moved in, the device was suddenly activated 10 years ago in 2646 AD, after a catastrophic excavation occured on the neighboring ice planet of Verglas. Encased in thick layers of ancient rock, the mysterious alien construct shed the dust and opened up a rippling portal in its center.

Despite initial (and reasonable) apprehension about this development, people began to experiment with flying ships into it. Travelling through the oculus will instantaneously transport any vessel to an unknown region of deep space that contains dozens of identical gates, each leading to a different unknown star system, possibly in a different galaxy. Only a handful of these network portals and the worlds that lay beyond have been explored so far. Scientists and engineers have been closely studying the gate itself, hoping to replicate their ability to open up windows that will allow ships to jump across impossibly long distances.

The Expansion War between the Alliance and independent rebel factions, including the GLF, was fought over who could "control" access to the Gateway and stake claims on colonizing any newly discovered worlds beyond. Ultimately, the Alliance won out and currently has several of their strongest war vessels stationed in the zone, monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic. Special permits and visas must be filed with and obtained from the IPA to allow travel through the Gate.

alien races

In 2649 ad, humans made first contact with other sentient races from worlds on the other side of the gateway network. Like the humans of old Earth, these other beings were fellow explorers with (mostly) peaceful intentions, and had no better idea of what happened to the creators of the transport network. Diplomatic negotiations have allowed for several of these "aliens" to settle on human populated worlds in the system, and a sizeable amount even occupy Terminus, which houses an intergalactic embassy due to its position close to the gateway. Thanks to the technological ingenuity of the Vorut, universal translation devices exist for clear communication. Below are a few of the currently known races; additional species can be submitted to the DROPBOX.

finu of planet fissa

Finu are a humanoid species speculated to be a hybrid between an indigenous race and humans of a lost colony ship from Earth, but are distinguishable by their height and elaborate tattoos. On average, they are generally found to be taller than most humans by 3 to 4 inches, and are slender and long-limbed. Fissa is a warm planet with low gravity, and so Finu do poorly in cooler climates and on worlds with higher G, but are very adapted to space travel and consume less oxygen.

Finu originate from the planet Fissa and were the first to arrive through the Gateway. They place great emphasis on familial connection and their facial tattoos connect them to their clans. They are often trained from a young age in a particular style of hand-to-hand combat called Mat-Kala. An exceptional few have displayed neurogenic abilities, and have the same limitations as humans, though they call themselves Yul-Tok, or 'star-touched'. MORE INFO

ghol of planet kavis

Ghol have had the most difficulty adapting to life outside of their home planet. Kavis has an extremely oxygen rich atmosphere and gas clouds of methane that prove to be toxic to any non-native creature. There is also very little traditional flora and fauna - Kavis is called 'the red planet' due not only to its scarlet hue when seen from a distance, but also because of the red sands that cover its surface, though no non-Ghol has ever been there.

A relatively short species, they are grey-skinned, have stout builds and hard skull ridges, and when off-planet are always found with portable respirators, which are required for their survival. The Ghol have evolved with very particular mineral-heavy diets and cannot breathe the air on most planets, and especially on Terminus. Kavis is so rich in valuable minerals that their economy was boosted substantially once the Gateway opened and the Ghol could corner the trade market.

Vorut of planet Vugawa

Vorut are a huge, muscular race that tower over humans. Their thick, leathery skin is nearly impenetrable, save for items made of specific materials native to their lost home planet. While the Vorut are a very intelligent people, they are mainly hired for their strength and muscle. Many have found a way to make a living in by performing in gladiator fights on Antillia. Their natural lifespan is well over 500 years by the human standard and tend to have a skewed perception of time relative to "younger" races.

Their origin world of Vugawa was destroyed almost a millennium ago by an asteroid collision, which left their population near extinct when very few managed to evacuate on time. Only a few million are speculated to exist in the universe, scattered about various planets, living as refugees. Since the destruction of Vugawa centuries ago, they've yet to find another permanent home. After discovering the Gateway network, they have been venturing further out and searching for somewhere to call their own. MORE INFO

Aev'ik of planet Auhiri

Aev'ik are a colorful people with varied skin tones in reds and blues. Their hair grows in similar shades to their skin, but the Aev'ik are big advocates of dyeing it, and love to dress ostentatiously. Most Aev'ik possess varying levels of empathic ability - in general they can read magnified feelings of those around them, but some have the ability to change emotions via touch, while the strongest can do so with a mere thought. Those without the "gift" are often ostracized or treated as second-class citizens.

The population of Auhiri resides in domed cities, as the land outside was rendered unihabitable by a world wide war centuries ago. Wild flora is rarely found on Auhiri, and after venturing through the Gateway, the Aev'ik became particularly interested in planets such as Mahoroba. Some believe the Aev'ik may have designs on seizing those worlds for themselves - and with their empathic abilities, it's believed they could pose a significant threat to the IPA, and are suspected of forming an alliance with the GLF. MORE INFO

unknown of planet x

Rumors exist of a terrifying alien creature with multiple eyes and large jaws filled with rows of sharp, jagged teeth. The Alliance denies reports they exist, but some suspect these beasts slipped stealthily through the Gateway and have little interest in friendly greetings. Since the rumors began, there have been an increase in reports of missing ships that venture furthest from Terminus and the central planets. Are these hostile beings real threats to society, or are they just hallucinations induced by space madness?

Rumor has it that these mysterious aliens made an appearance on Terminus in 2656, but local authorities continue to deny any such stories.

other races

Below is a list of player created races and who you can contact for more info and request permission for use: If you'd like to create your own race, please contact the mods in the dropbox!